22nd Congress of PENSA 2022


1st – 3rd December 2022
HICC Hyderabad

Dear PENSA Members,

It is a privilege to host the Annual Conference of the Parenteral and Nutrition Society of Asia – PENSA, in India, and an honor to welcome you the host city – Hyderabad, the City of Pearls! Our objective is to enable an excellent and a lively academic interaction and exchange of knowledge between the delegates, clinicians, clinical nutritionists, renowned academicians, and researchers. In addition, the exhibition and display of the merchandise by the professionals from the pharmaceutical industry will certainly add glitter to the occasion. It is our hope that the present pandemic abates by December 2022, thus provide an opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of India and the gourmet dishes of Hyderabad!
We welcome you to Hyderabad and India.

Annual Meetings

15th Annual Conference Hyderabad [2010]
14th Annual conference Chennai [2008] NUTRIF[E]AST ISPEN & NSI
13th Annual conference New Delhi [2007]
12th Annual conference Kolkatta [2006]
11th Annual conference Lucknow [2005]
10th Annual conference Chennai [2004]
9th Annual conference Goa [2003] PENSA & ISPEN
8th Annual conference Hyderabad [2002]
7th Annual conference Mount Abu [2001]
6th Annual conference New Delhi [2000]
5th Annual conference Bangalore [1999]
4th Annual conference Hyderabad [1998]
3th Annual conference Chennai [1997]
2th Annual conference Bombay [1996]
1st Annual conference New Delhi [1995]

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